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Blót 1,


Stones, aluminium, wood,

water, stepper motors, metal, acrylic, Arduino.

Blót visualises a world in which human beings are no longer the dominant form of life (or indeed have self-exterminated) and in which the earth is home to other forms of life, or where nature and machine has become one. The work examines the properties of all kinds of liquids, related to water and blood. I researched the visual language of the Stone and Bronze Ages and the ritualistic actions and reflections on nature as I discovered researching Celtic and Germanic myths. In this work, the rational thinking about progress that technology conveys is accompanied by what is usually considered its counterpart: occultism, sacrifice, the supernatural. Detail: the drops of water move, transform, merge and split in slow unpredicted ways on the surface of the cold metal.

Photo: PH.GJ. van ROOIJ

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