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Self-Examination (No. 9 - RGB value of the day),


Paper, aluminium clips. 

Research/examination: Since the 18th November (my birthday) 2015 I started collecting colors (RGB data) with a self made device worn around my arm from the minute I wake up till the minute I go to bed. This device is able to measure all the colors that are in the surrounding I was in during that day. After a day of measuring, I have around 700 till 1000 colors which are averaged into one single color. Every block of color is one day. Note: the black days, are days when the device was broken, or I was lazy, tired, lost the device, sick of the research etc.  

*I also use a software that compiles my RGB data to RAL codes. With these codes I go to DYI stores, where I let them mix paints of my days, or specific moments. I have an archive of paints, I have a can of the color of me voting, having a intense argument, having a walk in de forest with my mom, etc.

Photo: Jan Tengbergen

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