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Plexiglas, XPS foam, arduino, led, motors, static grass, slime mold.

The diorama could be seen as the intersection of art, lm, theater and science, an approach to the history of spectatorship. Often a pedagogical aid in natural history museums. The diorama recreates a three-dimensional scene frozen in time and space, usually enclosed in a display case. The viewer is invited to believe in the authenticity of the artificial decor. Although the etymology of diorama means ' to see through', the device also serves as a screen on which a world of fantasy and ction merges with the display of knowledge and science. In a deserted landscape lies a few concrete structure surrounded by a barbed wire fence. The scene is a time capsule, a hermetically sealed place as a metaphor for both a vision of the future and the past. All life is gone, but a new organism grows among the debris and begins to spread across the dead earth. Part 1/8 of Capsule series.

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