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Self-Examination (No. 1 - 23  THE ARCHIVE)

I designed 7 forms in which I made notes about several researches I did every day. It helped me store my data that I collected every day, like a database, filled with 'objective' information, but also rather subjective and personal information. The first form is a 'docters' form, the second the 'studio' form where I made notes about ideas, studio visits, the amount of time I spend working in my studio, etcetera. The third is the 'intake' form where I made notes of my food, drink, medicine, alcohol and drugs intake. The fourth is the 'appearance' form where I keep notes about my looks, hygiene, clothing etcetera. The fifth form is the 'spare time' form where I made notes about my spare time, from parties to the tv shows I've watched , but also the more private matters like my sex/love life and notes about conversations/fights/arguments. The Sixth form is the 'emotion' form where I checked boxes ranging from 1 to 5, with a large scale of emotions I had to range. The seventh form is the 'conclusion' form where I try to find correlations between the warm and the cold data; my blood pressure is high, my hair is greasy, I have doubts about my studio practice and I feel stressed. Here I also combined my personal spur of information with texts I've read during that specific period.

* Find below the PDF of a part of the Archive from 1st of Arpil to 31st of May, 2016.

This archive I've used as my Thesis for the Fine Arts Master MADtech in Groningen.

Photo's: Jan Tengbergen

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