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Stress volume,


Arduino's, steppermotors, climbing ropes, aluminium, raspberry pi, vinyl stickers.

Displaying physiological data collected by the Empatica E4 (MIT) containing the following sensors: 

1. Photoplethysmography (PPG) to provide blood volume pulse, from which heartrate, heart rate variability, and other cardiovascular features may be derived.

2. Electrodermal activity (EDA), used to measure sympathetic nervous system arousal and to derive features related to stress, engagement, and excitement.

3. 3-axis accelerometer, to capture motion-based activity.

4. Infrared thermopile, reading skin temperature.

The data acquisition is done real-time, whilst subject (M. Westerhuis) is wearing the device physiological data is collected (from 10.00 until 18.00) and the levels in the graph change live according to the data produced by the subject.

Red: Blood puls volume

Orange: Heart beat per minute

Yellow: Sweat

Green: Movement

Blue: Body temperature

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